Get Behind It!

by Betsy and the Bicycles

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released March 22, 2014

Betsy and the Bicycles is:

Vocals: Kris Kagei
Keyboard: Cole Stangler
Electric Bass: Colin O'Connor
Guitar: Ian McTiernan
Drums: Bryan McTiernan

All songs by Betsy and the Bicycles - Washington DC

Produced by: Lyell Evans
Engineered by: Ben Mangold
Artwork by: Colin M. Soper



all rights reserved


Betsy and the Bicycles Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: Who is Betsy
She's got a job up on the hill,
an institution bar and grill
and magazine.

She's a samurai and ninja,
and she has been known to binge
and paint in green.

She digs on things that grow,
and it isn't who she knows,
it's who knows her.

Everything she does is funky,
and she loves some Thick and Chunky
and I love her.

You'll find her on the White Line
If you catch her at the right time
of the day.

She'll tell you all bout DNA and CIO and PLA.

I love the way it feels
When we're driving out of space
without the wheels.

You can grab a slice,
just name the price.
With a little Betsy
everything feels nice.
Track Name: I Kicked Your Butt
It was always your game to begin with,
I was on the outside looking in.

And all the experts knew
there wasn't a thing I could do.
All the bets were on you to take the win.

But the people, they needed a surgeon
to amputate the swagger from your strut.

So I refused to yield
and when the players left the field
the results were revealed
and you know what?

I kicked your butt.
Track Name: White Line
I can feel it in my gut
when the White Line train is rolling in,
and I can't help but stop and think
I'll have some time alone again.

I've been holding on to ask you
if I could be excused,
cause even when I'm chillin' I can't help the feeling
that I've got something to do.

So I'm riding on the White Line
Where my time is really all mine.
I need a place to unwind,
so I'm riding on the White Line

I've got shit on my mind
so I've got to leave it behind.
Peace and quiet ain't hard to find
when you're riding on the White Line.
Track Name: Black Sedan
When I get a little lonely,
I gotta make that call.
When I'm feeling low down,
I gotta make that call.

He knows my name.
His sugar's sweet.
He's a man you've got to meet.

He's got the shit to make me feel all right.
He's got the love to keep me up all night.
You know I gotta make that call.

Have you seen my man?
Have you seen my man?
Have you seen my man?
Have you seen my man?
He's got the luxury black sedan.

You can ask him for a nickle,
just don't ask him for a dime.
He can take you there if you've got the time.
You can ask him for a nickle,
just don't ask him for a dime.
He can take you there if you've got the time.
Track Name: Dirty Dirty (Interlude)
All: *Laughing*

Colin: Tell them to turn Ian down a little bit.

Ian: Turn me down a little bit, yeah.

Kris: Could you turn the guitar down just a tad? And then you turn that dirty dirty bass up.
Track Name: Funny
Obsessed with time,
Eyes locked on screen.
Wondering what everyone else is doing
without asking yourself what it means.

Is this how it could have been?
Another time another when?
Who made the rules that we shouldn't break?
Or maybe we're making a big mistake.
Track Name: Mystery Blues
I've got a sweet tune in my head.
I've got a nice warm man in my nice warm bed.
I've got reason, I've got rhyme.
Got things to do and I've got the time.
Outside it's warm, not a cloud in the sky,
but I've got the blues and I don't know why.

There's some coffee in the can.
Out on the street there's a black sedan.
I put some liquor in my cup of tea.
I've got some friends and they're good to me.
I had a whiskey for breakfast again,
but I've had the blues since I don't know when.
Track Name: My Sweater
Hey I'm the chick who left behind her sweater,
and from the look on your face,
I can tell you don't remember.

So go ahead and touch, you need no introduction.
But before you park your car again,
I'm gonna need that cardigan.

Hey you're the guy who's keeping my sweater.
And from the look on your face,
I can tell you don't remember.

You might have some fun, for me it's just alright.
Can't say my name it don't sound sweeter,
but baby I don't know yours either.

The days are getting colder,
there's nothing to keep me warm.
Now I don't even have my sweater
to shelter me from the storm.

The days are getting hotter,
and I'll take a stand.
But now I'm out a sweater
and I still don't have a man.
Track Name: Booty Love
Bayonne Jimmy went and got himself a horn,
Called up the band and said, "Man, I gotta get my groovin' on."
When they got a tune down in their souls they gotta play,
Cause when they make that lovin' sound all their troubles fly away.

Booty Love.